Family-Workshop - Temper Tantrums


The age of defiance is a very special chapter in the life of our children. As parents, we often find ourselves completely helpless when our little angel suddenly changes into an angry little devil. In this event I will share how you may choose to act as a parent when those situations arise, and how to best approach your child during a temper tantrum. I discuss many options on how to guide your child through a temper tantrum and how to offer support during this phase of your child’s development.

.  Wednesday 27.03.2019, 19:30-21:00 at room Ida

Fee: EUR 25,-- per person & evening, or EUR 40,-- per couple
all 4 evenings EUR 80,--

If cancelling the workshop within 3 days, a handling fee of EUR 7,-- will become due.

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