In addition bfamily offers help and support with other practical issues twith small children and help you in daily matters:

Search for schools, preschools and nurseries:

You need to find a suitable school or preschool for your child. bfamily gives you the required information, helps to choose the right institution for you and assists with the enrollment process.

Certified Babysitters:

Finding suitable childcare for your loved ones is a most sensitive issue. It is always difficult to find somebody you trust minding your children. Living abroad without any support network makes it even harder. bfamily provides contacts to reliable and qualified babysitters who are able to speak your language.

Any other requests:

We are more than happy to cater for any other individual requests you may have, such as registrations, translations, organising kids birthday parties etc. All of this will be taken care of and handled by bfamily.

All services are available in packages but you also can choose individually the service you need most.

For more information on packages and prices please contact: